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"loved the book; it opened my eyes"

T.Roller Los Angeles,CA.


"never knew these kinds of things were going down; It is one frightening world we live in"

G.Shump Pittsburg,PA.


"very insightful and a damn good read"

J.Wilowski Norwood,NJ


"loved the book; when's the sequel coming?"

D.Braunstetter Perris,CA.




None of us ever meet by chance. I will leave a mark on all of the lives I've have contact with for good or ill.

For it is your own will given to you by the universal mind. I am only its observer. For you all have chosen the hell of your own making.

At a moment's notice any of you could come before the podium. Your judgement day is near. Believe me, it's never too late to make it right. If you try to amend, maybe your end will not be so bad after all.

Knowing that you are each other and his brother, at this very moment start to make amends. For a lot of you the end is in sight, and it may be this very night.